Welcome to sourcehut! This suite of open source tools is the software development platform you've been waiting for. We've taken the wisdom of the most successful open-source communities and turned it into a platform of efficient engineering tools.

Sourcehut is currently available as a public alpha. What should I expect?

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Hosted git repositories

  • Public, private, and "unlisted" repositories
  • Fine grained access control, including access for users without accounts
  • First-class Mercurial support also available
Sourcehut has been a breath of fresh air for me. I finally have a code hosting solution that lets me focus on being productive.

— Victor Cushman

Powerful continuous integration

  • Runs fully virtualised builds on various Linux distros and BSDs
  • Submit ad-hoc jobs without pushing to your repository
  • Post-build triggers for email, webhooks, etc
  • Log in with SSH after build failures to investigate further
This CI experience is leagues ahead of all others. Resubmitting builds and SSH'ing in is saving me multiple hours.

— Andrew Kelley, author of the Zig programming language

Mailing lists & code review tools

  • Patch review tools on the web
  • Threaded, searchable mail archives
  • Tools for working with third party mailing lists
  • Powered by git send-email
SourceHut mailing lists are the best thing since the invention of reviewing patches.

— Martijn Braam, postmarketOS developer

Customizable ticket tracking

  • Private bug reports and bug trackers for security issues
  • Fine-grained access controls
  • Participation via email, with or without an account

Markdown- and git-driven wikis

  • Use git to version control and manage your wiki
  • Use any organizational hierarchy you like, a flat wiki is not imposed
  • Hosts the detailed sourcehut manual

Task dispatching & service integration

  • Automate tasks between various services
  • Integrate with third-party services like GitHub
  • Reduces the workload for maintainers and contributors

Sophisticated account management & security

  • PGP encrypted and signed emails from each service
  • Two-factor authentication with TOTP
  • Detailed audit logs of account activity
  • Fine-grained third-party OAuth access controls