Welcome to sourcehut! This is the open source software suite for managing your software development projects that you've been waiting for.

Achtung! Sourcehut is still under heavy development, and while many of the services are usable, expect to find lots of missing polish, broken links, incomplete docs, and so on. Here be dragons!

High-level features

sr.ht is a hosted instance of sourcehut provided for your convenience.

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Hosted git repositories

Screenshot of git.sr.ht

Powerful continuous integration

Screenshot of builds.sr.ht

Mailing lists & code review tools

Screenshot of lists.sr.ht

Customizable ticket tracking

Screenshot of todo.sr.ht

Task dispatching & service integration

Screenshot of dispatch.sr.ht

Markdown- and git-driven wikis

Screenshot of man.sr.ht

Sophisticated account management & security

Screenshot of meta.sr.ht

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