November 21, 2022 by Adnan Maolood

Welcome to sourcehut! This suite of open source tools is the software development platform you've been waiting for. We've taken the wisdom of the most successful open-source communities and turned it into a platform of efficient engineering tools.

Sourcehut is currently available as a public alpha. What should I expect?

"Small internet" protocols? The Plan 9 renaissance? Esoteric programming languages for music creation, and novel smartphone operating systems? These projects and more are waiting to be found on the sourcehut project index. Browse projects

Hosted git repositories

  • Public, private, and "unlisted" repositories
  • Fine grained access control, including access for users without accounts
  • First-class Mercurial support also available
We've completely migrated our repo hosting, both git and Mercurial, to SourceHut. The speed, functionality, integrations, and minimal-yet-friendly UI makes it easy to use and work with.

— Peter Sanchez, Netlandish Inc.

Powerful continuous integration

  • Runs fully virtualised builds on various Linux distros and BSDs
  • Submit ad-hoc jobs without pushing to your repository
  • Post-build triggers for email, webhooks, etc
  • Log in with SSH after build failures to investigate further
This CI experience is leagues ahead of all others. Resubmitting builds and SSH'ing in is saving me multiple hours.

— Andrew Kelley, author of the Zig programming language

Mailing lists & code review tools

  • Patch review tools on the web
  • Threaded, searchable mail archives
  • Tools for working with third party mailing lists
  • Powered by git send-email
SourceHut mailing lists are the best thing since the invention of reviewing patches.

— Martijn Braam, postmarketOS developer

Focused ticket tracking

  • Actionable tasks only — no discussions, questions, or duplicates
  • Private bug reports and bug trackers for security issues
  • Participation via email, with or without an account
I think it is really convenient that you can send a plaintext email with your bug report, whether or not you have an account.

— Cadence Ember, author of Bibliogram

Hosted real-time chat services

  • Provides a hosted Internet Relay Chat bouncer
  • Connect with any IRC client, or use our web chat
  • Online and offline chat log management
I like that allows people to easily engage in their communities, while still betting on standards instead of building new walled gardens.

— Pedro Lucas Porcellis

Sophisticated account management & security

  • PGP encrypted and signed emails from each service
  • Two-factor authentication with TOTP
  • Detailed audit logs of account activity
  • Fine-grained third-party OAuth access controls
I really appreciate the option to get encrypted mail with a PGP key that I provide — why don't more companies have this?!

— Cadence Ember

Markdown- and git-driven wikis

  • Use git to version control and manage your wiki
  • Use any organizational hierarchy you like, a flat wiki is not imposed
  • Hosts the detailed sourcehut manual

And more!

  • Ad-hoc source code hosting via
  • Static web hosting via