Sourcehut’s public alpha stage

Sourcehut is considered alpha quality today. However, the service is rapidly advancing towards stability, and it may already be suitable for your needs.

Alpha guarantees

Your data is safe and secure

We carefully and constantly back everything up and multiple redundant systems have to fail before anything is lost. Our backups are regularly tested and have been proven in emergency situations. We also take great pains to carefully ensure the security of all of its systems. We use a distributed architecture and share data internally between services on a “need to know” basis.

Your data is hosted on owned hardware colocated in private, secure facilities. We do not use public clouds and we do not share your data with any other business, with the notable exception of payment processing (so that you don’t have to trust us with your credit card number). For details, see our privacy policy.

Your alpha account will be supported in the future

As we develop the services further we carefully carry your data forward and will continue to support alpha users into the beta and beyond.

Payment is optional now but will be required later

When the beta begins, unpaid accounts will be limited. Affected users will be emailed 60 days in advance of the transition. Of course, users hosting their own instance of Sourcehut on their own servers are unaffected by this.

Additionally, unpaid accounts will still be able to contribute to projects on the platform, and in fact you can interact with many services via email without having an account at all. Payment will only be required to own resources, submit build jobs, and so on.

Alpha caveats

Goals for the beta and beyond

The beta will be considered feature complete, but may be lacking in docs and polish, or have minor known bugs. “Feature complete” is defined as “meeting the basic goals in a stable and consistent package”, but doesn’t necessarily mean that no new features will be developed in the post-beta period. The beta period will be short, we will settle any issues which arise from the payment model changing, polish and document everything, then promote it to stable.

Notable features which are under development in the alpha, to be completed before the beta begins, include: