September 9, 2020 by Drew DeVault

SourceHut's PeerTube bootstrap fund: first batch

In May we announced our initiative to fund video creators who wanted to get started on PeerTube. PeerTube is a free software project which creates a federated network of video sharing platforms, each of which owned and operated by independent, small groups of creators or users or both. This decentralized, democratized approach to video publishing, on an open source platform, is compelling to us, and we wanted to help bootstrap it with new content for users to enjoy on the platform.

Today we’re happy to announce that we’ve selected our first two video creators to receive funding and equipment: Matthew Bryant and Tom Cooks. We’ve brought these creators on board with our PeerTube instance at, which aims to be a private instance focused on video publishers. It’s federated with many other PeerTube instances which would be happy to have your user account, from where you can subscribe to enjoy these videos — or you can subscribe with each channel’s RSS feed.

Let’s introduce our first two creators:

Matthew is an FPGA (field programmable gate array) enthusiast who is making use of the manim open-source framework for educational video creation designed and made famous by YouTube channel 3blue1brown. Matthew’s channel will become a great resource on learning about FPGA’s from the ground up to the expert level.

Subscribe to Matthew’s channel ➔

Tom is a passionate cook who wants to use the platform to share videos teaching viewers how to cook traditional meals with cheap and accessible ingredients. Check out his first video on flatbread here:

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We’re working with a third creator as well (or creators — it’s a two-person team), who should have their first video prepared in the foreseeable future. We’re planning to start accepting applications for the second batch of creators soon; keep an eye on this blog for updates. Enjoy the videos, and subscribe to these creators!