May 19, 2021 by Drew DeVault

SourceHut is leaving Freenode

SourceHut has been a proud user of the Freenode IRC network since its inception. Today we have five IRC channels for end-user support, operational monitoring, staff coordination, and more.

We will be moving our channels to Libera Chat, effective today. You can connect at on port 6697 (with SSL) and join us in

The Freenode network we once loved is the victim of a hostile takeover by corporate interests. We entirely reject the illegitimate new leaders who have used legal threats and back-room deals to steal the network. The dedicated volunteers at the heart of Freenode’s success — the staff — have left for Libera Chat. We are sad to hear news of Freenode’s fall, but proud to be following them, our friends and colleagues, to this new network.

I’ll see you there!

Update 2021-05-25: The new staff at Freenode have been re-opening channels which moved to, including I have re-closed this channel and will re-iterate in no uncertain terms that sourcehut has left Freenode for good. Any channels you see on Freenode which proport to represent sourcehut are not endorsed by this organization.