January 10, 2022 by Drew DeVault

SourceHut selected for NLNet NGI Zero funding

I’m pleased to share that SourceHut has been selected by NLNet to receive funding as part of the NGI Zero: Search & Discovery fund for the purpose of completing API 2.0, our GraphQL API development. NLNet is providing monetary support to SourceHut contributor Adnan Maolood, aka ~adnano, who has agreed to work full-time to help with our API 2.0 efforts over the course of this year.

The NLNet Foundation is a Dutch organization which provides funding to various projects which promote open and secure digital infrastructure, and has provided funding for hundreds of free and open-source projects, many of which you rely on every day, and some of which rely on SourceHut! Prior recipients of NLNet funding include projects like Tor, WireGuard, postmarketOS, Jitsi, and more, and I’m proud to see SourceHut join them.

API 2.0 is one of the major outstanding tasks between us and the completion of the SourceHut beta. We can look forward to much better access to SourceHut’s internals, a more robust implementation, and a simpler deployment system for third-party SourceHut installations. We’ll be building upon this work to develop alternative frontends, such as the hut CLI tool and a new Gemini-based frontend. This also paves the way for many other features which we’re cooking up, including user groups/organizations, better data autonomy tools for import & export and account deletion & renaming, and future plans like names.sr.ht’s DNS hosting and domain registration services. Exciting stuff!

I’m excited for this initative, and I’m glad to have Adnan on board to help. Big thanks to NLNet for agreeing to sponsor his work! Let’s get this beta done.